Back to school for the kids! But what about the parents?


At AWB Charlesworth, our family dispute expert, Amanda de Winter is preparing for an increase in demand from separating parents as the school summer holiday comes to an end.

The pressures of the six-week summer break often means a rise in the number of couples calling time on their relationship as the picture postcard image of happy summer family holidays doesn’t ring true for many.

The six-week break can place huge burdens on fragile relationships, with increased costs and increased caring duties adding additional pressure. Furthermore, when previously unhappy couples spend more time together, long-standing cracks can deepen, and one or both partners may call time on the relationship.

But then what? When a couple separate or divorce, there are so many challenging questions:

  • Where will the children live?
  • Who gets the cat?
  • How will we sort money?
  • What happens to the house?
  • How do we split any savings?

Our fixed fee initial consultation could be the answer to sifting through these questions. We can help people to come to terms with the scale of the arrangements that need to be made, as well as the finer details.

And, if you and your partner are in complete agreement as to how you wish to separate and divide the matrimonial assets, then joint appointments are available, subject to certain criteria, and this way you pay for only one lawyer.

Amanda de Winter is working towards becoming an accredited family mediator as well as a barrister, and has over 30 years of experience. She is passionate about helping couples to separate ‘well’, making divorce as quick and easy as possible.

For further information, contact Amanda de Winter on 01756 692871 or email 


4 September 2023  

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