Cohabitation On the Increase.

Number of families in the UK continues to grow, with cohabiting couple families growing the fastest

The National Statistics office has released reports showing the trends in living arrangements for families. You can view the reports here 

In 2017 there were 19.0 million families in the UK; this increased by 15% from 16.6 million in 1996, a rise similar to the growth in the UK population during this 20-year period.

There were 12.9 million married or civil partner couple families in the UK in 2017. This remains the most common type of family. The second largest family type was the cohabiting couple family at 3.3 million families, followed by 2.8 million lone parent families.

Yet despite this increase, there is widespread agreement that the laws relating to co-habiting couples in the UK are outdated.  There are urgent calls from many to protect cohabitees.  There is still no legal status for a “common law marriage”

You can read more about ways in which you can protect yourself as a cohabiting couple here

If you are in or about to enter a cohabiting relationship or indeed have any other queries relating to a Family Law matter then please contact our Skipton Solicitor Amanda De Winter.

7 August 2018