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Three Initial Steps for Investigating a Suspicious Will

Monday, 21 Jan 2013

Three Initial Steps for Investigating a Suspicious Will What should you do if you suspect that the Will of a deceased person has been prepared in dubious circumstances? You may suspect that the Will-maker lacked the required degree of mental capacity to give instructions to a solicitor or understand the Will or that they may... Read More

Relying on your own terms

Monday, 14 Jan 2013

Relying on your own terms A recent case has highlighted the difficulties commercial contracting parties can face when there is a lack of comprehensive paperwork evidencing the contract reached between them. This can be a real issue when a contract does not go according to plan and the parties must then decide who is liable... Read More

Residential Landlords fully exposed?

Monday, 7 Jan 2013

Residential Landlords fully exposed? With Scotland having already implemented a landlord licensing system and Wales working towards this, steps recently taken by the London Borough of Newham suggest further regulation may be just around the corner. From 1 January this year the Council has made it compulsory for owners of the estimated 35,000 rented residential... Read More