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When To Classify Employee Annual Leave As Sick Leave

Friday, 28 Jun 2013

An employee, who is just about to go on a 2 week pre-booked holiday, hands in a sick note to their employer saying they are unfit to work for 2 weeks. In spite of the sick note, the employee still intends to go on holiday. In such circumstances, should the employer treat the 2 week... Read More

Company Shareholders

Monday, 17 Jun 2013

Probably The Most Important Document Shareholders Have If there was a way to reduce the risk of fall out and provide an element of certainty in governing the relationship between shareholders of a private company then would it not be worth some serious consideration?  Unfortunately, only a small proportion of shareholders take advantage of the protection... Read More

Unsigned Employment Contracts: Are Terms Enforceable?

Monday, 3 Jun 2013

An employee is bound by the terms of their signed contract of employment even if they have failed to read it unless there was some form of fraud, misrepresentation or other breach at the time they entered into it. But what happens where a contract has not been signed by an employee and an employer... Read More