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Employers: how should you handle work place theft?

Thursday, 21 Nov 2013

According to a recent survey of employees, 1 in 4 admitted stealing from their employer, some of whom said they had stolen over £1000.00 worth of items. Top of the stolen items list were staplers, paper and pens. The level of theft is perhaps not much of a surprise given that most employers allow their... Read More

Awarding costs against the losing party

Wednesday, 13 Nov 2013

Employment Tribunal takes a stricter approach towards parties who incur unnecessary costs. Where a party has acted unreasonably in pursuing a claim in the Employment Tribunal and has caused their opponent to incur unnecessary costs, the Tribunals seem increasingly willing to make awards of costs against the losing party. Two recent cases have exemplified this. In one case,... Read More

Sickness Absence: are you discriminating?

Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013

Mrs Whitley had worked for the HMRC since 1978 – she suffered from a disability (severe asthma) which her employer knew about. In 2010, Mrs Whitley had 15 days absence due to ill health – this triggered a formal review of Mrs Whitley’s attendance record which resulted in her receiving a formal warning about her... Read More