Monthly Archives: December 2013

Incentivise Staff in the New Year

Friday, 20 Dec 2013

If you are looking to incentivise staff but cash is tight then another way to provide benefits and to make employees feel a part of the business is to grant them share options.  The main advantage of doing this is that the employer can avoid making a pay rise but can still provide the employee... Read More

The Office Christmas Party

Wednesday, 18 Dec 2013

What are your responsibilities as an employer? Despite an employer’s best endeavours, office Christmas parties do get out of control. Over time, there have been countless examples of employees getting into trouble: there was the – employee who, when chasing a secretary after drinking too much alcohol, fell over and broke his leg resulting in... Read More

Reduce the risk of trouble at your staff Christmas party

Tuesday, 17 Dec 2013

Christmas parties are a chance for an employer to thank their staff for the hard work that they have put in during the year but they also carry potential problems such as post party absences, alcohol related incidents and making promises. Here are a few pointers on how to reduce the risk of trouble at... Read More

Employee Christmas Bonuses

Monday, 16 Dec 2013

If you decide to make your staff a Christmas bonus, make sure that the payment is discretionary and that it does not become part of the staff’s contract. If a payment is genuinely of a one – off nature, an employer has little to worry about; however, if the payment is made year after year... Read More