Monthly Archives: March 2014

New legislation to make law of distress less distressing?

Thursday, 6 Mar 2014

Amidst a long awaited call for new changes to be made to ‘The law of Distress’ The Government has recently published new legislation reforming the process and setting out the new procedure for commercial rent arrears recovery. The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 were initially made on 26th July 2013 however the Government has... Read More

Are employers obliged to accept voluntary redundancy applications?

Monday, 3 Mar 2014

Does refusing a voluntary redundancy application from an employee make a subsequent compulsory redundancy of a fellow employee unfair? The answer is “no” provided the employer has good reasons for its decision. In a recent case, an employer needed to make cut backs so it carried out a redundancy exercise. Employee A scored the worst... Read More