Monthly Archives: September 2015

The rise and rise of court fees

Monday, 28 Sep 2015

  The Ministry of Justice has proposed a further increase in Court fees with the highest fee for issuing a claim increasing from £10,000 to £20,000. If implemented, the proposal will not just impact on the costs of commencing a claim but also mean that fees payable as cases progress to trial will also increase,... Read More

Who’s at fault

Thursday, 24 Sep 2015

Under the current legal system, there is only one ground for divorce, namely that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.  This ground must be evidenced by one of five factors: (a)that the respondent has committed adultery; (b)that the respondent has acted in such a way that is deemed unreasonable; (c)that the respondent has deserted the... Read More

“Why should I put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place?”

Monday, 21 Sep 2015

A Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) is a legal document which allows someone to appoint another (or others) called “attorneys” to make decisions on their behalf.   One of the questions I am frequently asked is, “why do I need an LPA?”. There are two types of LPA an individual can choose to create. Looking... Read More

When time being of the essence doesn’t necessarily mean it remains of the essence.

Thursday, 17 Sep 2015

The High Court recently decided in the case of Hakimzay Ltd v Swailes. This case concerned a sale of a residential property. Contracts were exchanged for completion on 3 April 2014. The Seller was under an obligation to procure vacant possession as the property was, at the time of exchange, subject to a residential tenancy.The... Read More

Dismissals due to Social Media posts

Tuesday, 15 Sep 2015

  Recent cases regarding dismissals due to social media posts have led to significant decisions in the courts as workplace codes of conduct come up against freedom of speech. Most employees now have at least one social media account, allowing them to communicate not only with friends and relatives but also with the general public.... Read More