Monthly Archives: October 2015

Why have a Shareholders Agreement- 5 good reasons!

Wednesday, 21 Oct 2015

A Shareholders Agreement can help to regulate the relationship between the business and the shareholders and helps to prevent confusion and disputes. Set out below are “5 good reasons” why you should seriously consider a Shareholders Agreement: 1)      Day to day affairs  The board of directors manages the day to day running of a company... Read More

Do some PETS bite? (Part 3)

Monday, 19 Oct 2015

In the previous two Private Law ‘PET’ blogs ( and looked at Potentially Exempt Transfers (“PETS”) and how a recipient of a gift can find themselves with an unforeseen Inheritance Tax (“IHT”) liability if a PET is made by someone who does not survive seven years from the gift. I have also looked at how a PET can... Read More

A new dawn in Consumer Rights

Monday, 12 Oct 2015

  The recent introduction of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 brings about greater protection when buying goods, services and even digital content. Given that consumers spend £90billion per month, it is not surprising that the previously outdated legislation has finally moved into the 21st century, with online shopping now being catered for.  These and other... Read More

Property news…..Court of Appeal confirms rules regarding Chattels and Fixtures

Wednesday, 7 Oct 2015

The recent case of Spielplatz vs Pearsons required the court to consider whether a holiday chalet counted as a chattel (i.e. a loose moveable item) or a fixture (i.e. integral to the land and forming part of it). Who constructed the chalet was not of importance here as if something has become part of the... Read More

Updates on ‘Fit for Work Scheme’

Monday, 5 Oct 2015

The ‘Fit for Work’ Scheme, which aims to reduce the ‘sick note’ culture and the burden upon employers, is now operational and since early September has been available for employers across England to make referrals. Previously only GPs across the country could refer patients, if they had four weeks or more off sick, to the... Read More