Monthly Archives: January 2016

Debt recovery- How AWB Charlesworth can help.

Tuesday, 26 Jan 2016

If you are owed money from a debtor, it is often difficult to know what actions to take and where to start in terms of the recovery process. AWB Charlesworth can be instructed to act on your behalf in recovering the sums due to you. We deal day in and day out with the following... Read More

What is a Trust?

Wednesday, 20 Jan 2016

Whilst many people are generally aware of the existence of legal arrangements known as trusts, it is fair to say that often the concept is not always fully understood, appearing complex or even somewhat mysterious. In reality, the basic principle of a trust is simple; it usually involves one or more individuals called trustees holding... Read More

Yet another successful Women@Work turnout for our 1st networking event of 2016

Thursday, 14 Jan 2016

Our Professional networking group Women@Work enters its 3rd year of inception and from the word go it has been creating a lot of excitement amongst local business women across the Aire Valley. On a quarterly basis, in conjuction with NatWest, we organise an informal networking group at a different venue with a different guest speaker talking us... Read More

Licences for the Unlicensed.

Thursday, 14 Jan 2016

Recent government deregulation has increased the number of Temporary Event Notices (“TEN”) that can be granted for premises in a calendar year from 12 to 15. A Temporary Event Notice can be used for premises which do not have a licence (e.g. a village hall or a marquee in a private garden) where it is... Read More

Restrictive Covenants in Employment Contracts

Monday, 11 Jan 2016

Many employers worry about staff leaving to work for their competitors- taking valuable clients and company knowledge with them. It is because of this that Companies place restrictive covenants into employment contracts in order to restrict what an employee can and can’t do once they have left the business. But how feasible is it actually to enforce... Read More

Incentivising Employees: EMI Schemes.

Friday, 8 Jan 2016

Many small businesses are turning towards Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) Schemes as a way to incentivise key employees by granting options to allow them to acquire shares. So what are they and why could they benefit your business? EMI Schemes give selected employees the right to buy company shares in the future at a fixed... Read More

‘D-DAY’ – A word of caution….

Wednesday, 6 Jan 2016

As we settle into the New Year, the newspapers, as anticipated, are full of press releases suggesting that new Clients flood solicitors’ offices on the mythical Divorce D-Day (this year 4thJanuary 2016) and issue their divorce petition the very same day. This is a complete myth.  Liz Hebden, newly appointed Head of Family at AWB... Read More

On my land? On my terms………

Tuesday, 5 Jan 2016

 Your land may be important to others because it is in a perfect position for situating apparatus or for connecting services to adjacent land with development potential.   If a company approaches you with a request to place equipment such as a telecoms mast, wind turbine, sewers, water pipes, cables or other apparatus on or... Read More