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Caveat Squared

Thursday, 31 Mar 2016

A caveat is a procedural device used by somebody who wishes to either (1) dispute the validity of a Will of someone who has died (2) call into question the right of the person who is proposing to administer the estate (a personal representative) or (3) call into question the suitability of the personal representative... Read More

Further increase in civil court fees

Monday, 21 Mar 2016

The civil court fees have once again increased and this has now taken effect from 21st March 2016.  The increased court fees are as follows:- 1.      The fee for making an application without notice to the other parties in proceedings has increased from £50 to £100; 2.      The fee for making an application with notice... Read More

What is a Pre-Nuptial agreement?

Monday, 14 Mar 2016

Following Skipton Solicitor Andrew Fould’s step by step guide to divorce, he now tackles the ins and outs of Pre-Nuptials. The concept of a Pre-Nuptial agreement has often been considered to be typically “American”. One might associate such agreements with ludicrously wealthy ‘celebrities’ entering high profile marriages and consider that they are without place in our Jurisdiction. However,... Read More

Is there such a thing as a ‘Quickie Divorce’?

Wednesday, 9 Mar 2016

Gossip columnists regularly report that yet another celebrity couple has been granted a ‘quickie divorce’.  This supposedly quick service is offered by many websites who claim that a divorce can be obtained for as little as £37.    In reality, how quickly a divorce proceeds will very much depend on whether the case is contested, how... Read More

Enforcing Judgment Debts- PART 2

Monday, 7 Mar 2016

In our previous Litigation blog, we began to look at the best methods of enforcement if payment hasn’t been received from a debtor after a judgement has already been obtained. (If you missed this take a look at where we took a brief look at the following orders: •Order for debtor to attend Court... Read More

Is your business compliant with the new national living wage legislation?

Friday, 4 Mar 2016

From 1st April 2016 the government has announced that all employers will have to pay employees the new National Living Wage. This will apply to all businesses with employees over the age of 25 and non-compliance could result in harsh penalties for employers. An employer needs to be aware of the following facts: The Basics... Read More