Monthly Archives: September 2016

Tipping the balance; Needs over sharing

Friday, 30 Sep 2016

It is difficult for there to be certainty as to a likely financial settlement on divorce, as the factors to be taken into account can be widely interpreted by the courts. It’s even fair to say that if 5 Judges are presented with the same set of facts, there is a good chance that each... Read More

Sorting out Finances on Divorce- what documents are needed?

Monday, 19 Sep 2016

Before being able to advise on a likely financial settlement, there is a fundamental requirement for both spouses to provide full and frank information about their financial situation. This means that they must be entirely open about their income, property, capital assets, pensions and debts and provide documentary evidence in support. It established law that... Read More

Beware of Mutual Wills

Friday, 9 Sep 2016

Mark Shaw, Wills, Trusts and Probate specialist at AWB Charlesworth Keighley Solicitors takes a closer look at Mutual Wills. “Wills are generally described as ‘mutual’ when two people make a binding commitment that their wills will remain in the same form as when they are initially put in place. The basic idea being that the survivor... Read More

Child Arrangements- FAQ’s….

Wednesday, 7 Sep 2016

AWB Charlesworth’s Skipton Solicitor Andrew Foulds take a look at the latest installment of Frequently Asked Questions relating to Family law matters, and at what is often the most emotional aspect of cases; arrangements in respect to Children. What powers do the Court have in dealing with child arrangements? The law in respect to Children applications... Read More