Divorce. It’s tough. Here’s how we can help.


Separation and divorce can be extremely stressful for all involved; it’s widely known that divorce is the second most stressful event in life after the death of a spouse, with marital separation coming in at third.

If there are children involved, it adds an extra layer of stress. Being able to arrive at a resolution to the situation quickly, with minimal acrimony can make a huge difference to everybody’s life and mental health, not just for now, but for years to come.

Here at AWB Charlesworth we’re all about making life easier and guiding you through the difficult times.

We can offer divorcing couples a single, simplified service. If you have reached agreement in respect of the matrimonial finances, we can prepare the paperwork to get things finalised for both of you, after an initial screening.

We can also offer mediation-type services. If you are almost at agreement, we can provide a mediation session to help you with those last few tricky steps.  The mediation service is built on impartiality between both parties. It relies on frankness and openness between the separating couple. If circumstances allow, we can accommodate additional professionals to be involved, such as pension experts, accountants and mortgage advisers.

A good divorce lawyer looks for solutions, and tries to ease the pain and stress. We’re not interested in drawing out the process and seeing our clients in distress. For further information, contact Amanda de Winter on 01756 692871 or email amanda.dewinter@awbclaw.co.uk 

14 August 2023  

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