We live in enlightened times. 50 years ago ‘Divorce’ was a dirty word.


When I was growing up in the 70s in North Wales, my best friends’ parents were “not together anymore”; the couple across the road were “living over the brush”; my mum’s female friends who lived together were “just friends”.

How far we have all come! We live in far more enlightened times where the words: “divorce”, “living together” and “gay” can actually be said out loud without knowing looks and whispered asides.

Life might be more complicated, but thankfully, we seem more liberated as a society to choose who we want to live with or indeed without. And this is shown in the numbers:

  • 24% of the population now live together
  • 51% are married
  • 42% of marriages end in divorce
  • 62% of divorces are filed by women.

A lovely upside of all this, is that more older people are getting married. The number of brides and grooms over 65 increased by 46% between 2004 and 2014.

As we live longer, we choose what’s right for us, and our society has embraced blended families. Separation and divorce is never easy, but thankfully the stigma that it once had has disappeared. If you’re facing this challenge in your life, take our advice and look after yourself: eat well, sleep well, exercise well and obtain expert legal advice tailored to your own unique circumstances.

For a fixed fee initial interview to explore your options contact Amanda de Winter. She has over 30 years of experience, and is currently working towards becoming an accredited family mediator. She is passionate about helping couples to separate ‘well’, making divorce as quick and easy as possible, whilst ensuring a fair settlement.

For further information, contact Amanda on 01756 692871 or email amanda.dewinter@awbclaw.co.uk 

4 October 2023  

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