Easy, no-fault divorce… maybe, but don’t forget to finalise your finances.


Divorce on-line is now “a thing” so it’s tempting to do it yourself, get it done and pat yourself on the back for saving some money. But STOP! Not speaking to a specialist solicitor about finalising your matrimonial finances could be the most expensive mistake you ever make.  You need a final financial order approved by the court. Without one your ex-spouse could make a claim for a financial order in the future.  Your financial position at that time could well be taken into account by the court, and that could be expensive.

The most sensible way to avoid uncertainty in the future is to deal with the matrimonial finances when you have received your conditional order of divorce but before you apply for the final divorce order.  Once you are divorced, many things change:

  • Death-in-service benefits you would have benefitted from, under your ex-spouse’s pension
  • Wills:
    • you and your ex-spouses’ wills become invalid
    • you will no longer inherit as a spouse
  • And many more aspects of your joint finances.

So, what should you do?

It is vital to obtain a final financial order, whether that be by consent, or decided by the court.  You can also attend Mediation to reach an agreement on how the finances will be divided, and then have that agreement formalised in an order approved by the court.

And here’s another way to halve your legal costs

AWB Charlesworth are now offering a new way of reaching agreement about finances. Our Family Team are able to offer a new service whereby the divorcing couple can use one lawyer to finalise their finances.  Providing that the couple are in agreement and the division is fair (in the eyes of the court), you can halve your legal costs by having only one solicitor.

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25 May 2023