How Lockdown Has Torn Many Couples Apart


When getting married, the last thing being contemplated is divorce.  Although 12 months ago, Britain’s divorce rate was falling faster than anywhere else in Europe, since lockdown, there has been a significant increase in demand for divorces.

Whilst “an ok” marriage can survive normal life where there is plenty of opportunity for time apart, enforced lockdown can make the situation intolerable.

Liz Hebden, Head of Family at AWB Charlesworth says her experience over the past 12 months is that those who have been thinking about divorce over the years, are finally taking the step to initiate divorce proceedings as unhappy couples have been forced to confront ongoing issues.  She has experienced a higher than usual number of enquiries from those seeking advice regarding divorce.

Divorce should never be entered into lightly – it is a life changing event, especially where children are involved.  For some however, it can seem that there is no option.

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19 March 2021