Impact of COVID-19 on Relationships


Since the nationwide lockdown was enforced to curb the spread of COVID-19, there have been a considerable number of positive effects for many:-

  • More quality family time
  • Enjoying simple pleasures, e.g. a family walk, board games etc
  • Getting to know neighbours
  • Avoiding the commute
  • Spending less money

Never have so many families spent so much time at home with their children and for many, priorities have been re-evaluated.

Conversely, for others, particularly those in an unhappy relationship, day-to-day life is almost unbearable and a source of significant strain.  This has prompted many, in such a relationship to seriously consider taking steps to separate on a permanent basis.  Many of those who have been furloughed from work are suffering financial hardship and that in turn is causing a strain on their relationships.

A relationship breakdown is a life-changing event.  Careful consideration needs to be given before embarking on a separation or divorce proceedings.

At AWB Charlesworth, we are able to provide advice on all aspects of relationship breakdown and understand that after weeks of being cooped up together, many couples are at breaking point.  We can advise on the financial implications of a divorce/relationship breakdown and also on any child arrangements.

Sometimes, it is helpful to share your experiences with a good listener, who will provide support and legal advice.  If you feel you would benefit from such a discussion, we are able to offer a first meeting for a fixed fee of £100.00.  In the current climate, this would be by telephone rather than face-to-face, but we are able to offer the same level of service on a remote basis.

If you wish to arrange such a meeting, please contact Amanda De Winter on 01756 692871.

5 June 2020