Is there such a thing as a ‘Quickie Divorce’?

Gossip columnists regularly report that yet another celebrity couple has been granted a ‘quickie divorce’.  This supposedly quick service is offered by many websites who claim that a divorce can be obtained for as little as £37.   

In reality, how quickly a divorce proceeds will very much depend on whether the case is contested, how quickly the paperwork is prepared and sent to the Court and how quickly the Court is able to process the paperwork. There is no shortcut for the rich and famous or via on-line providers.

 It is becoming more popular for people to proceed with a divorce on-line for a so-called ‘quickie divorce’ rather than paying a solicitor to deal with this. Here at AWB Charlesworth, we would urge anyone considering this option to think very carefully. Divorce is a legal process and requires careful thought.  Liz Hebden, Head of Family, has experienced cases where Clients have taken short-cuts and come to regret it.

  1. Getting the paperwork right is crucial. Liz has seen a large number of cases that should have been straightforward which have been held back because of errors in the paperwork.
  2. The costs of rectifying errors can outweigh the costs of getting it right in the first place.
  3. Legal advice is essential for issues relating to children, division of financial assets, pensions etc.
  4. Court Orders are strongly advisable to deal with the division of financial matters to avoid a claim in the future.

 It may seem enticing and cost-effective to avoid paying lawyers’ fees and to do it yourself on-line, but you are well advised to take legal advice before doing so.  Our Family Law Solicitors will advise you through the divorce process and provide you with realistic timescales and likely costs. Crucially, they will advise you on the things that matter the most – your children, your home and your financial security.

 If you would like to discuss the Divorce process in more detail, or indeed wish to arrange an introductory consultation, please contact Liz Hebden:

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