No Fault Divorce – Does it Exist?

If you are wanting an immediate divorce, the simple answer is no.

At present, under English law, in order to divorce, it is necessary to apportion some form of blame – either adultery or unreasonable behaviour.  The exception is where couples have been living apart for more than 2 years.

It is my experience as a family solicitor, that when a marriage has broken down irretrievably, couples generally want to go their separate ways with the minimum conflict, particularly where children are involved.

There have been many unsuccessful attempts over the years to amend the law by introducing a no fault divorce.  A divorce can be akin to bereavement and having to apportion blame within the divorce process can increase conflict and emotional distress, before the process has really begun.

At AWB Charlesworth, we will always endeavour to achieve an amicable resolution.  We will listen, understand what you want to achieve, explore your options and seek an early resolution.  Our aim is to minimise conflict and to resolve disputes in a dignified manner.

However, protecting your interests and those of your children is our priority and immediate and firm action will be taken if necessary.

To book a preliminary meeting please contact Elizabeth Hebden (Head of Family):

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