Parting on Good Terms

Everyone knows somebody affected by the breakdown of a relationship.  It is an incredibly painful experience for those involved, especially where there are children.  Couples will usually do their level best to overcome their issues and make their marriages work.

In some situations however, issues cannot be resolved and spouses choose to divorce.  It is important to ensure that proceedings take place as amicably as possible.  Where emotions are running high, we recommend that there should be a cooling-off period before embarking on such a life-changing process as divorce.

Acrimonious divorces invariably take longer to conclude and are costly, both financially and emotionally.  Anger and resentment can last for years after the divorce has concluded and such a situation should be avoided at all costs.

There are ways to avoid conflict and it is important that you explore alternative options, such as mediation, to avoid Court proceedings wherever possible.

If you have relationship issues, it is worthwhile seeking advice from a family lawyer.  We offer an initial consultation for a fixed fee of £100.00, after which you will have a full understanding of your options and the likely costs of achieving a resolution.

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20 March 2018