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The increasing amount of globalisation has resulted in many individuals having a opportunity to own assets from multiple countries. Each governed by their own set of laws and successions rules.
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Choosing a nursing home or care provider and dealing with the costs associated can often be complex and daunting decisions.
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If a person does not have a Lasting Power of Attorney or an Enduring Power of Attorney in place and no longer have capacity to manage their own affairs then an application will need to be made to the Court of Protection for a Deputy Order.
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Emergency Orders

Our family team will respond quickly to situations where you may need to obtain an emergency injunction.

Domestic Violence Injunction

We can apply for an emergency Court Order if you have been subjected to physical, sexual or psychological abuse by your spouse, your partner or a child.

Non-molestation Order

This is to protect you or your children from harassment, intimidation, violence or threats of violence.

Occupation Order

This enables you to remain living in a property to the exclusion of your spouse or partner.

Both these orders are short-term remedies.

Property Injunction

If there is a risk that your spouse is trying to dispose of or hide property or assets, we can secure an injunction freezing assets until the divorce has been concluded.

If you believe your spouse has already disposed of assets, you can apply to the Court to set that disposition aside.