Putting Children First

Divorce or separation is never easy, particularly where children are involved. For separating parents, sorting out the arrangements for their children can be emotionally charged, sometimes making it difficult for them to put their children’s interests first.

Children often have feelings of bewilderment, anxiety, sadness and anger. Some feel a sense of responsibility and that they are in some way to blame for their parents’ separation

There are many cases where children are caught in the crossfire of their parents’ battles which can result in lasting emotional damage. 


·         Reassure your child and explain appropriately what is happening in ways they understand.

·         Do not be critical of the other parent or do anything to undermine the child’s relationship with them.

·         Listen to your child. Ask them what they want. Let them be involved in the decision making.

·         Be flexible. Life is not always predictable and a little bit of give and take is beneficial to all.

·         Plan ahead for special occasions such as holidays, Christmas, birthdays

Where agreement cannot be reached, consider alternatives such as mediation. Although there will be some circumstances where Court intervention is required, going to Court should be very much a last resort.

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