Resolution: trying to take the ‘difficult’ out of divorce


We’re passionate about the work Resolution do to make divorce and dissolution more effective and less hostile. So what is Resolution?

Resolution is an organisation that promotes non-confrontational methods to get the best outcomes for all individuals involved in a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. Over 6,500 family justice professionals are members. AWB Charlesworth’s Family Law team are proud members too.

Resolution provides in-depth information on the divorce process and alternative options for divorce and dissolution. Mediation, arbitration and the collaborative process are just some of the options to end a legal relationship without using the court.

Resolution-trained lawyer mediators can help you and your partner reach an agreement regarding any issues you can’t agree with by taking a neutral stance. This may help you solve problems regarding your:

  • Child maintenance or care and adoption proceedings
  • Your finances and family home
  • Your living rights following the separation.

If this approach is not for you, Resolution also provides collaborative practice. During this process, both you and your partner will meet individually with separate lawyers to discuss your matters. Your lawyers will speak ahead of time to plan your first ‘four-way meeting.’ During this meeting, you will both make a commitment to reach an agreement on your issues without going to court. Further meetings may be held to discuss topics in depth and a final meeting will be held to sign a document detailing the agreement you have reached. This approach is better than going to court because it works around your family timetable as opposed to a rigid court timetable.

These are just a few of the alternative options to ending a marriage. Whatever your preferred method, Resolution lawyers will explain all the options available to you so that you have confidence in making the right decision and will help you focus on what’s important in the long-term. Along with helping with separation, Resolution has a wide range of other services including family therapists and financial advisors to help you get through this difficult period.

Resolution believes during a separation:

  • conflict should be minimised
  • and that the best interests of children should be at the heart of any decision.

We would recommend that you always choose a Resolution legal team. For more information, please contact Rachel Davies on 01756 692877 or email

8 November 2023

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