Stellar Footballer to protect his fortune win with a bin bag?

The former wife of ex-football star Ryan Giggs has issued proceedings in the High Court and is believed to seek one half of his vast fortune. The starting point for any such high value case is that his wife should be entitled to a 50/50 division on the basis she should be equally credited in kind for her contribution as a housekeeper, wife and mother.

Giggs’ legal team will no doubt argue he should retain a greater share of the assets based on his ‘Stellar’ contribution to the marriage which he will state deserves sizeable credit. Such an argument has been successfully used before, the term stellar contribution derives from the case of Michael Cowan, the man responsible for introducing bin liners into the UK and was credited for his business talents. Such contribution has not however been defined by the Courts save as to show it is a difficult hurdle to overcome. Time will tell as to whether Giggs’ legal team have the same wizardry in the Courtroom as he showed on the pitch.

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