Summer School Holiday Arrangements for Children – Tips for Separated Parents.

With the school summer holidays round the corner, many separated parents will be experiencing a range of emotions.  Agreeing arrangements for children can be difficult for many families and arrangements that do work well during the school term may need to be changed.

Avoid conflict by heeding the following advice:-

  • Communicate early with your former partner and make sure any plans are child focussed.
  • Co-operate with each other and clarify the arrangements, preferably in writing.
  • Do not make arrangements through the children and ask them to be a messenger.
  • Do not ask children to choose.  As adults, any decisions are your responsibility.
  • Do however ask the children how they want to spend their summer holidays and take those views into account.
  • Make sure the children have enough time to relax and spend time with their friends.
  • Be aware that before the end of the holidays, children need time to prepare for school and settle back into a routine.
  • For peace of mind, share your travel plans with your former partner and provide accommodation details, flight numbers and contact information in case of an emergency.
  • Above all, do not argue with your former partner in front of the children or on the phone.

By planning ahead and keeping things civil holidays will become a happy childhood memory.

For more information about the arrangements for your children on separation and divorce, please contact Skipton Solicitor Liz Hebden, Head of Family Skipton on (01756) 692 871 or email

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