The Dreaded Form E

The first step for couples when looking to reach a financial settlement is to work out what is in the matrimonial pot. This information can be disclosed voluntarily or by Order of the Court and it is  completed within the format of a ‘Form E’  – but what is it?
The Form E is a Court pro-forma that requests all information regarding your financial position and what your requirements will be for the future. Its size (27 pages together with the necessary supporting evidence) can be daunting,  though it is important to note that the same form is used regardless of financial circumstances. Therefore many of the pages can be left blank if they are not applicable to you.
The Form E is divided into 5 parts:
Part 1 – General information – regarding yourself and any children of the family.
Part 2 – Financial Details – setting out your current financial position. This includes ownership of property, savings, bank accounts and pensions. All such information needs to be supported by financial evidence which can often take time to assemble. It is therefore important to commence a Form E as soon as there is an agreement or Court order for one to be completed.  
Part 3 – Financial requirements – for yourself and children to set out what your financial requirements will be for the future.
Part 4 – Other information – including likely changes to your financial position in the future and whether you have or intend to enter into a new relationship.
Part 5 – Order sought –  so that you can identify clearly to the Court from the outset what you are seeking.
Once completed, the Form E enables comparisons to be carried out between you and your ex-partner’s financial position so that a suitable arrangement – whether by Consent or the Court can be found.


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