Wyatt V Vince- £300,000 settlement agreed.

Last Year Andrew Foulds, Skipton Solicitor and Family Law Specialist, posted  a blog on the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of  Wyatt v Vince. By way of a re-cap, Kathleen Wyatt and Dale Vince divorced in 1992 having separated in the mid 1980’s. The couple did not however reach an agreement nor attain a Court Order regarding their finances.

Post-divorce, Mr Vince founded a highly successful wind-power business which now has an estimated value of over £100 million and in 2011, Ms Wyatt issued a financial remedy. The matter reached the Supreme Court due to Mr Vince’s argument that his former wife’s claim had been brought out of time. This however was rejected by the Court and as a result, the parties have reached a negotiated settlement of £300,000.

The case is an important reminder that no matter what the financial position of the marriage at the time of its breakdown, it is important that a financial settlement is reached and Order made by the Court to ensure that a former spouse cannot make any claim at a later date.

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