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Contractual Disputes.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Contractual disputes are every business owners’ nightmare and at AWB Charlesworth Solicitors we work closely with businesses to ensure that disputes are avoided. The most common mistake made by business owners is to sign an agreement put to them by a supplier without fully understanding the terms of the agreement and the effect it will... Read More

AWB Charlesworth Solicitors and Natwest hold sparkling networking event at newly refurbished Iain Henderson Jewellery studio in Bingley

Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017

Iain Henderson – Iain Henderson Jewellery, Liz Smith- NatWest, Felicity Green- AWB Charlesworth Solicitors and Nicky Chadwick – Iain Henderson Jewellery. The well-established Women@Work networking event co-organised by AWB Charlesworth Solicitors and Natwest welcomed businesswomen from across the Aire Valley to the beautiful and unusual setting of a local jewellery studio. Guests enjoyed a glass... Read More

AWB Charlesworth Solicitors and Pearson and Associates raise over £2,000 for Martin House Hospice at 2017 Charity Golf Day.

Tuesday, 1 Aug 2017

Liam O’Neill (Director), Umberto Vietri (Director), Melanie Crewe (Marketing Executive) and Declan Hayes (Director) at The Bradford Golf Club AWB Charlesworth Solicitors and Pearson and Associates Accountants, held their 4th Annual Charity Golf Event on Friday 21st July as part of their ongoing support for their chosen Charity Partner Martin House Hospice. The event took... Read More

Acquiring a prescriptive right over another’s land.

Tuesday, 19 Jul 2016

A right over another’s land is a form of easement and a method of acquiring an easement over another’s land is by prescription.  There are three methods of acquiring a prescriptive right:- 1.       Common law prescription; 2.       Doctrine of lost modern grant; 3.       Under the Prescription Act 1832. Common law prescription There is little use... Read More

Adverse Possession

Monday, 16 May 2016

Adverse possession occurs when a person has occupied another’s land in excess of 10 years if the land is registered, or 12 years if the land is unregistered. If a person can show that their possession of the land meets the formalities required for adverse possession, then they can make an application to the Land... Read More

Further restrictions imposed on Landlords wishing to serve and enforce an s21 notice

Tuesday, 19 Apr 2016

Additional restrictions have been imposed on Landlords wishing to serve and enforce s21 notices. The changes made under the Deregulation Act 2015 are fairly extensive and so an AWB Charlesworth specialist can offer guidance and support to keep you abreast of important notifications that will affect you as a Landlord. Some of the more pressing... Read More

Further increase in civil court fees

Monday, 21 Mar 2016

The civil court fees have once again increased and this has now taken effect from 21st March 2016.  The increased court fees are as follows:- 1.      The fee for making an application without notice to the other parties in proceedings has increased from £50 to £100; 2.      The fee for making an application with notice... Read More

Enforcing Judgment Debts- PART 2

Monday, 7 Mar 2016

In our previous Litigation blog, we began to look at the best methods of enforcement if payment hasn’t been received from a debtor after a judgement has already been obtained. (If you missed this take a look at where we took a brief look at the following orders: •Order for debtor to attend Court... Read More

Enforcing judgment debts

Monday, 29 Feb 2016

Have you successfully obtained a judgment against a debtor but have still not received payment? Enforcement of payment is quite a convoluted process and there are several paths that can be taken. AWB Charlesworth and our Litigation team can advise on the most effective methods of enforcement and provide you with all the resources you... Read More

Debt recovery- How AWB Charlesworth can help.

Tuesday, 26 Jan 2016

If you are owed money from a debtor, it is often difficult to know what actions to take and where to start in terms of the recovery process. AWB Charlesworth can be instructed to act on your behalf in recovering the sums due to you. We deal day in and day out with the following... Read More