The ELM and CS grants Yorkshire Dales farmers are applying for most

Yorkshire Dales

ELM, CS, UP1, UP2… Despite all the changes, farmers are navigating the post-BPS landscape and applying for grants. According to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, here are some of the most-commonly applied for ELM and CS grants that our local farmers are taking up.

Mid Tier
GS5, Permanent grassland with very low inputs in SDAs, £98/ha
GS16, Rush control supplement, £79/ha
SP6, Cattle grazing supplement, £39/ha
GS15, Haymaking supplement, £37ha
UP1, Enclosed rough grazing, £45/ha
UP2, Management of rough grazing for birds, £121/ha
GS6, Management of species-rich grassland, £182/ha
GS1, Take field corners out of management, £333/ha

Water Quality Capital
Roofing over existing middens/silage/slurry pits/livestock yards, £72.50/sqm
Concreting – new/replacement, £33.64/sqm
Guttering – new/replacement, £11.55/sqm
Livestock/machinery tracks, £44.63/sqm
Resurfacing gateways, £136.95/sqm
Watercourse fencing, £7.47/sqm

The Yorkshire Dales National Park: Farm Grant Update Meeting 28 February 2023

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12 April 2023