11 reasons (which most probably haven’t crossed your mind) why you might need your Will reviewing.

There are a number of events or scenarios in which a Will should be reviewed to see if they require updating. Some of these are as follows:


1)      Changes in the law in relation to Inheritance Tax. This can sometimes result in a simpler Will being just as tax efficient as a tax planning Will.


       2)      Divorce.

3)      Marriage. Marriage cancels any Will you may have, unless it was declared as being made in contemplation of marriage.

4)      Change of circumstances-for instance after having children or grandchildren.

5)      If an Executor or a Guardian of a child under 18 dies, you may wish to appoint a new one in their place.

6)      Children reaching the age of 18-you may then wish to appoint them as Executors of your Will now that they would be able to act.

7)      Changes in your assets.

8)      Separation or breakdown of a relationship.

9)      Acquisition of property in a foreign jurisdiction.

10)   The death of someone named as a Beneficiary in your Will.

11)   General review for peace of mind.

It may well be that after a review of a Will, no alterations or updates are required. If you wish to review your current Will, please do not hesitate to contact Victoria Hill on 01535 613662 or via email victoria.hill@awbclaw.co.uk

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