A new dawn in Consumer Rights


The recent introduction of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 brings about greater protection when buying goods, services and even digital content.

Given that consumers spend £90billion per month, it is not surprising that the previously outdated legislation has finally moved into the 21st century, with online shopping now being catered for.  These and other changes will not only simplify existing laws for consumers, but clarify the obligations of the businesses which provide goods and supplying services.

Consumers can now demand refunds on faulty products within a mandatory timeframe of 30 days, whereas previously refunds were only given within ‘reasonable timeframes’.

When Consumers are buying services (such as a haircut, window cleaning etc.) we now have stronger rights. If a service is carried out without reasonable care, the service provider is obliged to put things right. Where this is not practical, a partial or full refund of the purchase price may have to be made.

The changes do not apply to exchange of currency transactions or the sale of financial products such as mortgages. Products which suffer with faulty downloadable digital content are also not caught, but the purchase of products with digital content, such as e-books, films and games, do benefit. 

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