Cash(Flow) is King


In the current climate, the need for commercial debt recovery services is on the increase. A delay in receiving payment creates challenges for suppliers of goods and services, and potentially it can be fatal to a business.

Knowing when to actively pursue payment is often a difficult decision for a business, but once that decision has been made, it is essential that there are no delays which may impact on the prospects of getting paid.

Many causes of delay are avoidable, but often overlooked. These include uncertainty as to who a business has contracted with and what the terms of the contract are, including in respect of when payment is due.

At AWB Charlesworth we can provide you with legal advice and assistance in respect of preparing general or bespoke terms and conditions for your business, ensuring these are properly incorporated into your future business dealings. We also offer a complete debt recovery service for businesses, from preparing a letter of claim in accordance with the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules, to pursuing claims through the Court and taking steps to seek payment once a Judgment has been obtained.

For further advice on Commercial Debt Recover please contact David Tear at 01274 037073 or email , or Chris Cooper at 01274 037074 or email

25 January 2023