Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

Landlords wishing to recover rent due under a Lease from a sub-tenant of their tenant by serving notice on that sub-tenant should note that there is now a mandatory period of 14 days from service of the notice on the sub-tenant before the notice becomes effective.  
If a Landlord serves a notice on the sub-tenant less than 14 days before the rent payment date, the notice would be invalid and the Landlord would be time-barred from requiring the sub-tenant to pay that rent.  This is particularly important where rent is paid quarterly.
Where a Landlord has a tenant who is in default but a sub-tenant who is solvent, it may be sensible to consider claiming against the sub-tenant but if so, it is vital to act promptly.  This new 14 day period is as a result of the new Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery procedure (CRAR) which came into force earlier this year.
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