Fake CVs on the rise as employment competition increases: How to deal with lying employees

As competition in the present day job market rises, an increasing number of candidates, many of which are graduates, are resorting to adding false and misleading information regarding their qualifications and experience in their CV’s. Apart from slight exaggeration most people add to their CV’s to stand out, some candidates go too far in making up fictitious, over exaggerated and misleading representations of themselves to secure a job they are underqualified and lack the skills needed to perform. Reports suggest more than half of CV’s are said to contain lies or inaccuracies according to other research groups. This is an alarming figure but not surprising.

Common examples of lies told on CV’s to persuade an employer to recruit include false degree claims, higher degree classification grades, made up past work experience, made up A level results, fake letters of recommendation and even failing to admit past dismissal or criminal conviction.

What to do
It is important for employers, especially those hiring for more professional roles, to adopt thorough checks and strict HR routines to minimise the chance of being misled. The following is advice and guidance of what to do to ensure you hire honest and qualified candidates:
·         Ensure candidates’ stated experience is verified by contacting past employers;

·         Once you have shortlisted candidates for the position, ensure you verify any qualifications and grades achieved which can be done via the government backed scheme or other organisations;

·         Make aware in letter that the job offer is only conditional until verification of qualifications and referees;

·         Ensure you make aware that false information or anything misleading can result in dismissal; compensation, fine or even a criminal record depending on the law if any come to light. This should be stipulated on both the CV job application, contract of employment and staff handbook;

·         Ask to see any qualification certificate stated on a candidate’s CV;

·         Continue to carry out checks for all employees throughout employment;

·         Be aware of legal actions you as an employer are legally entitled to take.
Current laws and regulations make misleading information a punishable offence and depending on the circumstance and severity of the lie can lead to various legal actions.
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Umberto Vietri

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