Further restrictions imposed on Landlords wishing to serve and enforce an s21 notice

Additional restrictions have been imposed on Landlords wishing to serve and enforce s21 notices. The changes made under the Deregulation Act 2015 are fairly extensive and so an AWB Charlesworth specialist can offer guidance and support to keep you abreast of important notifications that will affect you as a Landlord.

Some of the more pressing updates are as follows:

-The landlord no longer needs to state the last date of a period as to the date the tenancy comes to an end;
-The landlord can no longer serve a section 21 notice if the tenant has made a written complaint about the condition of the property if the landlord has not given an adequate response, or responded at all;
-The landlord cannot serve a section 21 notice on a tenant unless he/she has provided the tenant with an Energy Performance Certificate or a gas safety certificate;
-Possession proceedings must now be started within six months of serving a section 21 notice. If proceedings are not started within six months, the landlord will be required to serve a further section 21 notice.

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