What are the sporting rights on the land you are on?

Fishing and Shooting rights are of significant value to individuals or sporting syndicates and the Estates they are on.
When negotiating an agreement for such rights it is important to ensure that it protects the landowner by ensuring that it does not affect their day to day farming or other land use, limiting what game or quarry can be shot and what access is available, at what times and by whom.
On the other hand syndicates and individuals often invest significant amounts of money in terms of stocking, land management and putting in infrastructure such as release pens, feeding stations and game plots.
It is important that both parties are clear in their expectations from the start and allow this to be reflected in the paperwork. If this is not the case relations can significantly deteriorate with landowners feeling that their land usage is affected (for example by birds eating seeds) or the shoot feeling that they are investing money but unable to maximise potential due to interference from the landowner.

To avoid such situations it is essential to seek legal advice to ensure that these issues are considered at the outset. 

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