The rise and rise of court fees


The Ministry of Justice has proposed a further increase in Court fees with the highest fee for issuing a claim increasing from £10,000 to £20,000. If implemented, the proposal will not just impact on the costs of commencing a claim but also mean that fees payable as cases progress to trial will also increase, making litigation potentially a far more expensive process.

Although there are significant calls for the proposed increase to be halted, the reality is that there will always be disputes which will not settle and which will undoubtable end up going through the Court process, irrespective of the cost.
Prospective litigants should ensure that they are fully informed of the likely cost of Court proceedings by their legal team at the outset. At AWB Charlesworth we work with clients to discuss the issue of costs and the funding options available to them at all relevant times, which means that we can both then concentrate on seeking to resolve disputes on the best terms possible.

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