Updates on ‘Fit for Work Scheme’

The ‘Fit for Work’ Scheme, which aims to reduce the ‘sick note’ culture and the burden upon employers, is now operational and since early September has been available for employers across England to make referrals. Previously only GPs across the country could refer patients, if they had four weeks or more off sick, to the scheme; but now employers will also be able to recommend employees that qualify who they feel will benefit from the scheme. Referrals will result in a consultation with an occupational health profession who in most cases will help create a Return to Work Plan, aiming to replace the need for doctors to issue fit notes.

Although the scheme is optional it is expected that many employers will choose to use it due to incentives such as the tax exemption of up to £500 per employee each year for treatment recommended by the service. The hope is that with the benefits of the scheme employees will be able to return to work more quickly helping employers to reduce sick pay costs.

Employers intending to use the scheme are advised to update their sickness and absence policies with details relating to how ‘Fit for Work’ will be used by the company.
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