Young people! They really are the future and we’re happy to help.


In the last year, AWB Charlesworth has taken on 7 work experience students from our local schools and universities. And from that bright pool of talent, we’ve hired one of them as a Litigation Paralegal.

In addition, we’ve sponsored end-of-year awards at Upper Wharfedale School, attended Skipton Academy’s Career Day and run workshops on Ethics and the Law for A Level students at Ermysted’s. We’ve attended an Open Day at Cullingworth Primary School and supported Eastburn Junior and Infant School’s Christmas Fair.

Our young people got a rough deal during the Covid years, so we’re doing everything we can to support our local schools and students as they move through life and consider their choices.

AWB Charlesworth have been around for nearly 300 years. We want our communities to continue to prosper. What better way than to support our young people as much as we can?

5 January 2024

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