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We act for Landlords in the grant of new leases to tenants, which are then held as an investment to provide a rental income to the landlord.
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Our Commercial Property solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with sales of commercial property, from the sale of a single shop to dealing with sales of large portfolio properties.
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From buying or selling a single high street shop, to leasing a unit in a shopping centre, or acquiring a large superstore, we can help.
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Leasing of Commercial Property

From the grant of a lease to the removal of a lease, our commercial property solicitors are happy to assist.

We have extensive experience acting for both landlords and tenants in the complex area of commercial leases. While not the same as a purchase or sale, the cumulative amount of money paid in rent during the lifetime of a lease can often be similar to a purchase price. 

Consequently, it is crucial to fully understand your commitments. Our commercial property experts provide the right advice at the right fee.

Commercial leases are generally complex and can run to many pages in length. Each lease is unique, but some key terms that are common to most leases are:

  • Rent – how much is paid, how often is it payable and by what method?
  • Term – how long is the lease to run for? What is the start date? Is there a break clause? (See below)
  • Repairs – who is responsible for the repair of the structure and the interior of the building? What about existing disrepair? Is there a schedule of condition?
  • Alienation – can the lease be assigned, underleased or used as the subject of a charge?
  • Break clause – is either the landlord or the tenant able to terminate the lease earlier than its intended end date? On what terms is this allowed?

Recent instructions to our Commercial Property solicitors include:

  • The grant of a new lease of large industrial premises in West Yorkshire. 
  • The leasing of office premises in Skipton. 
  • The leasing of a public house.