Friday, 9 Apr 2021

It only seems right to incorporate in to the fundraising event a bit of history about the original people behind the firm. As the challenge starts from Armstrong, this blog focuses on the man behind the A in AWB Charlesworth Solicitors – the legend that is Roger Armstrong. Roger started out as a specialist social... Read More


Friday, 9 Apr 2021

Respite care through a pandemic This last year has been challenging for us all, but for families with a child with a life-limiting condition, this year has been extremely isolating and worrying. Many have been shielding the whole time, too anxious to go out and unable to access support in the community. Ruby and Sophia’s... Read More


Monday, 29 Mar 2021

In this our 10th year since the merger of AWB in Keighley with CWB in Skipton, we have decided to go transatlantic and raise money for a much needed cause. During the month of April members of the AWB Charlesworth team will be walking, cycling and running  the route between Armstrong, Wood, Bridgman and Charlesworth... Read More

How lockdown has torn many couples apart

Friday, 19 Mar 2021

  When getting married, the last thing being contemplated is divorce.  Although 12 months ago, Britain’s divorce rate was falling faster than anywhere else in Europe, since lockdown, there has been a significant increase in demand for divorces. Whilst “an ok” marriage can survive normal life where there is plenty of opportunity for time apart,... Read More

Testimonial for our Head of Family

Tuesday, 30 Jun 2020

“Divorce is difficult at the best of times whether you are the applicant or like I was, the respondent. Your decision making can be poor at a time you need it to be at its best. Choosing the right Solicitor to advise you and represent you through the difficult times ahead is THE most important... Read More

Impact of COVID-19 on relationships

Friday, 5 Jun 2020

Since the nationwide lockdown was enforced to curb the spread of COVID-19, there have been a considerable number of positive effects for many:- More quality family time Enjoying simple pleasures, e.g. a family walk, board games etc Getting to know neighbours Avoiding the commute Spending less money Never have so many families spent so much... Read More

Varying Spousal Maintenance

Thursday, 2 Apr 2020

When considering matrimonial cases, the Court’s priority is to attain a ‘clean-break’ order between the parties, i.e. an order that all financial claims be settled in  one order with no lasting ties. However, this type of settlement is not always possible. If there are insufficient capital assets or there is a significant difference between the... Read More

Family Law Services and Covid-19

Thursday, 2 Apr 2020

Liz Hebden, Head of AWB Charlesworth’s Family Law Team discusses how the team has adapted to support Clients whilst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues.  The level of disruption to the UK is unprecedented, there having been a knock-on effect on every aspect of society.  Separating couples are experiencing a particularly challenging time, especially those who... Read More


Wednesday, 25 Mar 2020

We are continuing to provide legal services and support to our clients at the same time as following the Government instructions for fighting the spread of Covid-19. Most of our staff are working from home with minimal personnel in our offices. Our phones are diverted to enable us to receive your calls at home and... Read More

Do I need a Final Financial Order on Divorce?

Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Many divorcing couples are under the misconception that once their marriage has been dissolved and Decree Absolute granted, that is the conclusion of all matters arising from their divorce.  This is not the case. Even where parties have agreed as to how the matrimonial assets are to be divided, it is strongly advisable to secure... Read More