Dying Matters- Day 5 Proprietary Estoppel & Farmers

Friday, 18 May 2018

Proprietary Estoppel & Farmers Proprietary estoppel is, in simple terms, where a person has been promised an interest in a property (such as a farm business) and has relied on that promise to incur costs or make sacrifices (e.g. not taken up a job offer elsewhere) that they would not have done if they had... Read More

Dying Matters – Day 4 Gathering in the estate

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Once the inheritance tax account has been delivered and the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration has been issued the executor or administrator (“the Personal Representative”) can then start to gather in the assets of the estate. Generally speaking this is likely to include the following where appropriate: Selling any house or land owned... Read More

Dying matters Blog – Part 3 The Probate process

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

In the third blog of our “Dying Matters” Series, we look at the Probate Process.  To read the other blog entries, click here Having gathered all the relevant information about the deceased’s financial affairs, the personal representative(s) (the “PR’s”) in the estate (who are either the executors if there is a will or person(s) entitled... Read More

Dying matters – Day 2 – Gathering in information about the estate

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Following on from yesterdays blog we will now look at the next part of administrating the estate- Dying matters – Stage 2 – Gathering in information about the estate Once the funeral has been organised and the Will (if any) located, the executors of the Will or those who are proposing to act as administrators... Read More

Dying Matters- Day 1 Registering a Death and Arranging a Funeral

Monday, 14 May 2018

As part of Dying Matters Awareness week, we will be posting daily blogs illustrating the life of a executor of an estate. When a person passes away it is always a very difficult time and the legal procedures can be daunting, especially for someone who has not dealt with them before. In this blog we... Read More

A good divorce – does such a thing exist?

Monday, 14 May 2018

No divorce is every easy, even those that are by mutual agreement.  When a relationship breaks down, it is often difficult to know which way to turn. However, lawyers who are members of Resolution follow a Code of Practice that promotes an approach to family law which is constructive, cost effective and most likely to... Read More

Will I be entitled to any of my spouse’s income

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

It is often one of the questions asked when meeting a client for the first time; “Will I be entitled to any of my spouse’s income?” There are two main types of income payment, Child Maintenance and Spousal Maintenance. Child Maintenance is an amount to be paid for the benefit of the children of the... Read More

Preparing for a rainy day…Flood risk and your property

Thursday, 26 Apr 2018

  Living up to a stereotype, it has been shown that Britons talk about the weather for a massive 49 hours every year.  But these meteorological maters are having an increasingly serious impact on property.  From home insurance, to the value of your property, the British weather can raise some serious concerns when purchasing a... Read More

Spring in the air….do you need to Freshen up your T&C’s?

Thursday, 26 Apr 2018

With the fist real sights of Spring in the air, as a business it may be time to consider whether your Terms and Conditions are in need of a spring clean and a freshen up. Terms and conditions of contract, whether for supply of goods or for services to be delivered, are a vital point... Read More

Firm Appoints New Director

Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018

Appointment of new Director AWB Charlesworth Solicitors has announced that Felicity Green, Practice Manager has been appointed as a Director. Felicity joined the firm in 2014 with ten years’ experience in law firm practice management and an MBA from Imperial College London.  Throughout her employment with AWB Charlesworth, she has embraced the challenge of keeping... Read More